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With experience spanning the industry spectrum, CAC’s Healthcare Practice has seen it all. Our forward-thinking Healthcare team takes proactive steps to identify and address both longstanding and emerging risks, safeguarding your bottom line.

Beyond care delivery-related risks, healthcare organizations also face the dual threats of cyber-attacks targeting sensitive patient data and property risks like natural disasters and infrastructure vulnerabilities. CAC Specialty acknowledges these unique challenges, recognizing that seemingly ordinary risks gain an added layer of complexity within the healthcare sector.

Who We Serve

Our clients represent all facets of the Healthcare industry, ranging from multi-state integrated healthcare and behavioral health systems to senior living, ambulatory surgery centers, miscellaneous medical facilities, and large physician groups. CAC Specialty has the skills, expertise and broking experience to design and develop both traditional and alternative risk financing and risk transfer mechanisms. By optimizing your program structure, you can focus on what truly matters: delivering exceptional patient care.

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Who We Serve

Navigating the diverse landscape of the Healthcare industry requires a nuanced understanding of its various sectors, each presenting unique risks and exposures. CAC’s Healthcare team specializes in six key areas: Hospitals & Health Systems, Senior Living, Physician Groups, Ambulatory Care Facilities, Life Sciences, and Behavioral Health & Human Services. We recognize that every stage in the healthcare journey demands tailored support and expertise. CAC Healthcare is well-equipped to guide you through every touchpoint of the healthcare ecosystem.

Hospitals and Health Systems

Hospitals and Health Systems

The Healthcare industry is rapidly changing and so is the world around it. Some risks are inherent and remain constant, while others are continuously emerging and unlike anything ever experienced. Whether it’s nuclear verdicts, cyber breaches, the growing criminalization of care, or traditional malpractice exposures, CAC Specialty provides properly structured programs that address these evolving challenges.

Senior Living

Senior Living

Senior living operators serve a unique residential community that requires increasingly rigorous quality controls and standards of care. Tasked with housing a rapidly aging population, senior living communities must embrace new policies, systems and technologies for delivering care. Our senior living team, comprised of seasoned technical experts with decades of experience, excels at navigating the complex senior care landscape.

Physician Groups

Physician Groups

Whether you are an independent practitioner or part of a larger group, the challenges of healthcare delivery remain the same. Pressure from countrywide nuclear verdicts, tort reform, and the shift from volume-based to value-based pay is unabating. These changes limit valuable patient interaction with physicians, increasing the risk of misdiagnosis or prescription errors and potentially resulting in malpractice claims. Our Healthcare team has extensive experience designing and implementing risk transfer programs to address these risks for a wide range of physician groups.

Ambulatory Care Facilities

Ambulatory Care Facilities

Ambulatory care facilities are vital in providing specialized care, but they come with their own set of unique risks and each aspect demands precise risk management. Our Healthcare team specializes in safeguarding your operations and can offer tailored insurance solutions to ensure your continued success and security. 

Life Sciences

Life Sciences

In the constant search for breakthrough innovations, life sciences companies face scrutiny, pressure, and ever-changing liability risks, all in the endeavor to improve human health. Our Life Sciences team has extensive experience designing and implementing risk transfer programs for a wide range of life sciences companies. This includes manufacturers and distributors, pharmaceuticals, clinical trials, and biotechnology, as well as providers of dietary supplements and nutraceuticals.  

Behavioral Health & Human Services

Behavioral Health & Human Services

Behavioral health and human service organizations strive to enhance self-sufficiency and quality of daily life. However, they grapple with many challenges like patient safety, the advent of digital tools, and persistent workforce shortages. Coupled with the pressure of increased public scrutiny and demand for services, these factors create significant pressure for these organizations. Our Healthcare team recognizes these unique uncertainties and specializes in tailored insurance solutions, fortifying your operations for safer, more compliant care delivery. 

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