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man looking at computer screens with chartsWhile broadly defined by the carriers, the ‘Crypto’ industry remains one of the most difficult for the insurance marketplace to underwrite. In addition to reinsurance and underwriting appetite restrictions, the market’s overall capacity is reduced by the uncertainty in the regulatory environment, nascent technologies, and unproven management teams, among many other risk factors. As a result, it is paramount that your insurance broker understands crypto, blockchain, and all related industries and your specific business to differentiate your risk from every other crypto-related company. However, this approach applies to every line of coverage and is most important for D&O, E&O, crime, and cyber.

CAC has placed some of the largest management liability insurance programs in both the US and international markets. All clients are unique and require a specific marketing strategy before approaching the marketplace. These clients also need a complete understanding of their risk profiles to speak with carriers. The results were market-leading programs built with high-quality carriers with an appetite for future volatility.

CAC continues to be the ‘go-to’ insurance broker for difficult-to-place risks and crypto is no exception. The industry will continue to face operational and regulatory headwinds and many companies will rely upon insurance to hedge these risks and allow continued growth. We understand the role that insurance can play in your company’s plans, which is why Crypto companies continue to turn to CAC Specialty.

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