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Professional & Cyber Solutions

Cyber incidents are impacting businesses, large and small, and continue to escalate both in the frequency and severity of financial loss. As a result, cyber insurance has quickly become one of the most in-demand insurance products. The intersection of privacy and security, reputation harm, business interruption, system failure, intellectual property, and data breach response means a cyber event can have a wide-ranging and unexpected impact on your company’s bottom line.

CAC Specialty’s Professional & Cyber Solutions Practice includes senior cyber and E&O experts who stay involved in the day-to-day service of your insurance programs. Given our carrier relationships with both senior-level underwriters and claims, we maximize protection and minimize financial impact when the unexpected happens.

Our focus on data and analytics to benefit our clients is a key differentiator. Our partnerships with Cybeta, a cyber threat intelligence firm, and BitSight, a security performance ratings firm, provide us with data intelligence to pre-underwrite risks as well as counsel clients on the potential financial impact of their unique cyber exposures.

From strategy discussions to program negotiation and placement to claims resolution, CAC Specialty’s Professional & Cyber team is involved from beginning to end.

Practice Leader

Adam Lantrip

Executive Vice President, Professional & Cyber Solutions Practice Leader

Professional & Cyber Solutions Team

Amanda Hochberg

Assistant Vice President, Cyber & E&O Practice

Barrett Wills

Account Executive

smiling photo of Courtney anderson

Courtney Andersson

Associate Account Executive

Eliza Hacke

Professional & Cyber Solutions Account Administrator

Gage Dyer

Account Executive

Headshot of Jessica Lamar

Jessica Lamar

Vice President

Headshot of Kelab Zewedu

Kelab Zewedu

Account Executive

smiling photo of leslie robinson

Leslie Robinson

Account Executive

smiling photo of sam levine

Samantha Levine

Senior Vice President, Cyber

smiling photo of stephanie snyder

Stephanie Snyder Frenier

Senior Vice President

smiling photo of toi deshay

Toi Deshay

Account Executive

Ursula Moran

Account Manager

smiling photo of vanessa smith

Vannessa Smith

Vice President