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Financial distress and bankruptcy create unique challenges for a company’s insurance programs – potentially exposing the personal assets of its directors and officers, wasting precious liquidity and damaging the company’s balance sheet.

CAC’s Special Situations Group is unique in the insurance industry because we are the only broker with a team of restructuring professionals who focus solely on insurance solutions for distressed companies, companies in bankruptcy, companies emerging from bankruptcy and post-bankruptcy trusts.

We have worked on hundreds of distressed and bankruptcy deals throughout the U.S. and internationally and have supported 30% of the 20 largest U.S. bankruptcies in history (as determined by prepetition assets). We work at your deal’s pace to bring thoughtful solutions tailored to your transaction.

Through our deep restructuring experience and expertise, we can better protect the personal assets of the Board and management and the company’s balance sheet while improving liquidity when it is needed the most.

Practice Leader

smiling photo of jason horowitz

Jason Horwitz

Executive Vice President and Special Situations Group Practice Leader

Special Situations Group Team

smiling photo of william kroupa

Billy Kroupa

Senior Vice President

smiling photo of brad mcdonald

Brad McDonald

Executive Vice President

Cavan Maguire

Junior Account Manager, Special Situations Group

smiling photo of mandy lamay

Mandy LaMay

Assistant Vice President