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We are a team of seasoned professionals focused on the Natural Resources industry. Unlike other brokers where the senior team is only involved in the initial interaction with new clients, the team members who win your trust will remain on your team for day-to-day account service.

CAC Surety is a powerhouse of experience. Our top‐level talent includes former practice leaders at global publicly‐traded insurance brokerages who prefer to work directly with clients to bring them innovative, nimble solutions.

Our historical record as brokers developing profitable surety premiums gives us credibility among the surety underwriting community. Our reputation opens doors where other brokers are merely seeking cookie-cutter responses. This advantage gives us direct access to underwriters who have the authority to approve unique bond requests.

Our reliance on a global network for surety stems from our experience. We have experience on global programs for large corporations both in and out of the United States, and we take an active role in shepherding financial assurance obligations understanding that these affect operations.

Our expertise:

  • Team members consist of former underwriters who know how to navigate difficult placements
  • Capable of handling single surety programs in excess of 300 individual bonds
  • Expertise in all pertinent bond types

CAC Specialty partners with forward-thinking sureties to create new solutions to situations that would otherwise not be bondable.

Practice Leader

John Hohlt

Executive Vice President, Head of Surety

Surety Team

Nathan Wonder

Vice President

smiling photo of senia hernadez

Senia Hernandez

Surety Service Team Manager