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Through Network+ CAC Specialty provides market access and local service for clients globally using a unique combination of specialist wholesale brokers, insurance broking networks and strategic partner relationships. Network+ empowers clients, by selecting the best international broker partners based on the client’s specific industry, technical product complexities, local service requirements, with the flexibility to adapt quickly to changing realities. Network+ will position clients to address the continuous change in the global insurance and risk management landscape.

Network+ provides our clients with access to more than 54,000 professionals in 170 countries, as well as access to global insurance/reinsurance markets including London, Bermuda. Each client is different. Each solution is unique. A global network must have the flexibility to cater to this reality.

Network+ is managed and delivered by CAC Specialty’s dedicated Multinational Team. The risk/needs analysis, program structure and local servicing are prepared and implemented by the Multinational Team in concert with your U.S. service and account team. Dedicated CAC Specialty international specialists bring our best international thought leaders directly to the client.

Recognizing that talent, entrepreneurship and ideas are fluid, CAC Specialty built a model that selects best-in-class broker partners based on the client’s unique requirements versus an inflexible unilateral model.

Practice Leader

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David Frediani

Senior Advisor

Multinational Team

Rogelio Hernandez

Vice President