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CAC Specialty's Claims Team is dedicated to claims management, advocacy, and recovery. Our senior team of attorneys and advocates has worked through hundreds of complex insurance recovery cases across all insurance programs, from property losses and business interruptions to high-stakes securities class actions and bet-the-business disputes.

In addition, our team has unparalleled market relationships with the most senior claims leaders from each insurance carrier. Coupled with the senior underwriting relationships that your brokers maintain, these relationships are of paramount importance and frequently help tip the scales in our client’s favor in contentious coverage disputes.

Team members assist clients in claims handling and recovery and are coverage experts who are embedded in our clients’ broking teams. Together, we create and negotiate state-of-the-art policy language. We believe in hyper-personalization of coverage, intently focusing on the policy's language, the optimal level of coverage, and the right insurer partners that are financially able to pay claims and are philosophically willing to do so with the least amount of friction.

From complex recovery cases to regulatory investigations and proceedings, we are intently focused on hyper-personalized coverage with the least amount of friction.

Practice Leader

smiling photo of carrie o'neil

Carrie O’Neil, ESQ.

Chief Legal Officer

Claims Services Team

April Springfield

Senior Vice President, Associate General Counsel

Carolina Porter headshot

Carolina Porter

Claims Assistant

smiling photo of carrie o'neil

Carrie O’Neil, ESQ.

Chief Legal Officer

Elizabeth Neumann

Senior Vice President, Managing Claims Counsel

Headshot of Eric McGinnes

Eric McGinnes

Property Claims Advocate

smiling photo of jennie porter

Jennie Porter

Claims Advocate

Headshot of Laura Levin

Laura Levin

Vice President, Claims Counsel

smiling photo of lindsey roser

Lindsey Roser

Senior Vice President, Claims Advocate

smiling photo of lloyd wills

Lloyd Wills

Vice President, Casualty Claims and Analytics

Headshot of Mike Raskys

Mike Raskys

Vice President, Claims Counsel Legal & Claims