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Although shifts in global politics and economic cycles may be difficult to predict, enhanced focus on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) is here to stay. Companies must carefully evaluate their environmental exposures. If not, they can face penalties ranging from nominal fines to remediation, rehabilitation and compensation obligations worth millions.

Our environmental specialists have a combined 30 years working with clients to advise on the nature, extent, severity, mitigation, and transfer of their environmental exposures and how these exposures could impact a company’s balance sheet, public reputation, legal standing, and fiduciary obligations.

Our team has the experience, knowledge, and data to address a wide variety of environmental exposures, including operational (e.g., manufacturing, energy, oil & gas), complex acquisitions and divestitures of companies, real estate transactions, remediation projects, and development of contaminated properties. In addition, we continue to develop new product solutions for ever-developing environmental risks. Our team also advises contractors and consultants on pollution and professional liability, including contractor (CCIPs) and owner-controlled insurance programs (OCIPs). Clients choose CAC Specialty Environmental Practice when they require sophisticated and effective risk transfer solutions.

The CAC Specialty Environmental Practice team also specializes in environmental brokerage and risk management advisory services that align closely with CAC Specialty’s other practice groups, including Private Equity and Mergers & Acquisitions, Transactional Liabilities, Energy, Construction, Real Estate, and Management Liability. This integrated approach minimizes any potential gaps and avoids duplicate and overlapping coverages, creating efficiency in the coverage and claims process.

CAC Specialty’s market-leading approach to environmental liabilities prioritizes solutions tailor-made to each client.

Practice Leader

Gregory Schilz

Executive Vice President and Environmental Practice Leader

Environmental Team

Grant Nichols

Senior Vice President

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John Kim

Senior Vice President

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John Robertson

Senior Vice President, Environmental Practice