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Our People

Executive Leadership

Meet the CAC Specialty Executive Leadership Team that draws on broad industry experience and leverages technology to its fullest creating the most powerful outcomes for all our clients. Our leadership team works shoulder to shoulder with our clients to bring thoughtful approaches through data and analytics and skills honed over the years in the industry.

smiling photo of mike rice

Michael Rice

Chief Executive Officer

smiling photo of paul sparks

Paul Sparks

Executive Chairman

smiling photo of eric joost

Eric Joost

Chief Operating Officer

smiling photo of Katie Langley

Katie Langley

Chief People Officer

Jack Leventhal

Senior Managing Director

smiling photo of carrie o'neil

Carrie O’Neil, ESQ.

Chief Legal Officer

smiling photo of david payne

David Payne

Chief Revenue Officer

Grantland Rice, IV

Chief Administrative Officer

Chris Trotter

Chief Financial Officer

Headshot of Doug Turk

Doug Turk

Chief Marketing Officer