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M&A Diligence and Portfolio Solutions

CAC’s M&A Diligence Team improves M&A transactions by evaluating a target company’s risk management program, transferring risks, and maximizing enterprise value. We work directly with buyers, target companies, and other transaction advisors to deliver a comprehensive experience from initial engagement, through the ultimate investment exit.

We service clients in all industry sectors and customize our work product to suit our client’s needs.

  • Provide comprehensive, detailed insurance program overviews inclusive of:
    • Pre-close program adequacy
    • Post-close conceptual program structures and associated costs, inclusive of fixed costs premiums and estimated self-funded loss costs
  • Use data and analytics to internally underwrite and identify areas to improve enterprise value, liquidity, and overall creditworthiness of the target company as well as future bolt-on acquisitions
  • Identify any uninsured or underinsured areas and quantify the potential incremental costs
  • Insurance accrual/collateral analysis – quantify any outstanding liabilities associated with insurance policies where Target retained, or retains, financial responsibility for self-funded losses using a deductible and/or self-insured retention and compare this amount against balance sheet accruals, insurer required collateral and QoE for adequacy
  • Review draft PSA (including relevant draft Disclosure Schedule), loan covenants, lease agreements as well as any other material contracts, and provide advice with respect to insurance-related clauses

By offering a full suite of solutions, including Human Capital Risk and Transaction Liability, we find the correct and most comprehensive result for our clients.

Placement / Portfolio Solutions

  • Organize and aggregate PortCo insurance data across the portfolio to create insight and leverage using CAC’s proprietary technology platform
  • Understand total cost of risk
  • Identify and leverage key trading partners
  • Provides consistency of coverage across the portfolio
  • Greater claims payment leverage with markets
  • Data analytics used to structure most efficient program
  • Expense reduction – increase EBITDA and EV

How We Are Different

  • Advocate for both Sponsor and Portco
  • Technology Solutions – use of proprietary database and analytical tools
  • Proactive approach to expense reduction strategies
  • Product and industry professionals utilized for diligence will be the same team to place the programs creating better market results


Clients choose CAC Specialty because we offer a full suite of specialized practice groups that work seamlessly together to find the right solution for your deal.

Practice Leader

smiling photo of andre eichenholtz

Andre Eichenholtz

Executive Vice President and Diligence & Portfolio Solutions Leader

M&A Diligence and Portfolio Solutions Team

smiling photo of brian lu

Brian Lu

Senior Vice President

smiling photo of danielle butterfield

Danielle Butterfield

Associate Vice President, Portfolio Solutions Select Clients

Ebony Williams

Account Manager

Eric Deng Headshot

Eric Deng

Project Manager

smiling photo of eva sciammetta

Eva Tochterman

Senior Vice President

Helen Dillen

Account Manager

smiling photo of jackie gaulin

Jackie Gaulin

Account Manager

smiling photo of katie flynn

Katie Flynn

Senior Vice President

smiling photo of katrin haynes

Katrin Haynes

Senior Vice President

Headshot of Kristian Krebs

Kristian Krebs

Associate Account Executive

smiling photo of ross rodefel

Ross Rodefeld

Senior Vice President

smiling photo of terry wilson

Terry Wilson

Senior Account Manager

Tom O'Leary Headshot

Tom O’Leary

Senior Vice President

smiling photo of veronica ferriera

Veronica Ferreira

Senior Vice President

smiling photo of wayne hoffman

Wayne Hoffmann

Senior Vice President