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Making the Claim for DE&I: Championing Women’s Equality in Business and Beyond: A Conversation with Carrie O’Neil

Aug 16, 2023

Join us in this exciting episode of “Making the Claim for DE&I” as Vara Cybart, Account Executive and DE&I Committee member, sits down with the CAC Group’s Chief Legal Officer, Carrie O’Neil, to discuss women’s equality in the workplace and society at large. They delve into topics such as the importance of advocating for oneself, celebrating role models, and addressing the unique challenges faced by women during the COVID-19 pandemic. Tune in to hear insightful discussions about the strides women have made in the insurance industry, the dynamics of equality in the workplace, and the importance of fostering self-confidence. Discover the steps we can all take to further the cause of equality and build a more inclusive society for everyone.


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