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CAC Specialty Natural Resources Announces Partnership with VDE Americas

Nov 12, 2021

CAC Specialty Natural Resources is pleased to announce its partnership with VDE Americas to bring best-in-class modeling solutions to clients. VDE’s proprietary weather analytics, in combination with CAC Natural Resource’s insurance and risk assessment expertise, provide a comprehensive analysis of project risks that is unavailable elsewhere in the market.

This is an exclusive partnership to deploy a natural catastrophe (Nat Cat) model that provides a bespoke analysis of the risks facing solar projects. The partnership speaks to the commitment of both CAC and VDE to provide innovative solutions to Nat Cat risk challenges facing the deployment of renewable energy projects.

VDE Americas is a subsidiary of German-based technology company VDE. It aims to advance the deployment of clean energy products that are financeable and insurable by offering technical due diligence and engineering advisor services and neutral 3rd party product certification and testing.

“We look forward to partnering with VDE Americas to provide groundbreaking technology for the insurance industry,” said Sara Kane, Executive Vice President, Power & Renewables Co-Leader, CAC Specialty. “Renewable energy projects are becoming more and more important, but it is critical to make sure that an in-depth analysis of risks is conducted ahead of time, and this partnership will allow us to do so.”

“The team at CAC is leading the way for effective insurance solutions to enable the explosive growth of the renewable energy space. We are pleased to partner with CAC to deploy our proprietary hail risk tools and engineering consulting to provide a bottoms-up, science and engineering-based approach to insurance pricing and terms for renewable energy assets. Our industry is experiencing rapid deployment in geographic regions with substantial CAT weather risk. The CAC/VDE combined effort will help enable the exponential growth in investment projected for our industry.”  Said John Sedgwick, President, VDE Americas Inc.

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