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Headshot of Naushin Vahora

Practice Group


Naushin Vahora

Senior Marketing Communication Specialist

Atlanta, GA

Naushin Vahora is a Marketing Communication Specialist at CAC Specialty. Working both in print and digital, she assists in the creation and maintenance of marketing collateral for both CAC Specialty and Cobbs Allen across all nationwide offices. She currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia.

Prior to joining CAC, Naushin has had graphic design experience in the fields of real estate, public health and educational technology.

Naushin is a self-taught Graphic Designer from Chicago, IL. She majored in Anthropology and Biology at Loyola University Chicago. Unsure of her future in the sciences she turned to her hobbies while assessing her next step after graduation. After a short stint as a design intern, she was sure that Graphic Design was the best fit for her.

When she’s not expressing her creative gene through work, Naushin likes to make sweet treats and tunes. She enjoys baking, singing, photography & videography. She’s a big Jane Austen fan and loves anything and everything scary (even if it gives her nightmares).