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Cybeta Launches A New Alternative Dataset To Aid In Cybersecurity Breach Predictions

Dec 8, 2020

INDIANAPOLISDec. 8, 2020 Cybeta LLC, a leading cybersecurity data science company, launches an alternative data subscription service to bring its patent-pending breach risk assessment technology to market–the only technology in the world shown to be predictive of future cyber breaches.

Cybersecurity breaches are one of the last remaining unsystematic risk factors without a verifiable probability of occurring. Cybeta spent years perfecting an algorithm to win the investment community’s confidence. Cybeta created Threat Beta™ to predict cyber breaches and Threat Alpha™ to estimate breach losses. Threat Beta is instrumental in evaluating breach risk, whether for reviewing portfolio investment opportunities or conducting a more thorough due diligence process. Threat Alpha is essential to calculating the ROI of cybersecurity expenses to inform where to invest limited capital.

There is no cyber analysis we bring to our clients to discuss predictive risk mitigation strategy other than Cybeta’s. It has changed a once guesswork discussion into proven science,” said Paul Sparks, Executive Chairman of leading insurance broker CAC Specialty. “Clients come to CAC as we are successful in solving their complex problems and anticipating the ones that are coming in the future. Cybeta’s solution is another tool in our toolkit that supports our clients today and in the future.

Investment professionals now have a tool to control their cybersecurity risk exposure and to right-size cybersecurity budgets. Find out more on how to determine the breach risk for each of your investments and use ROI to calculate cybersecurity investment priorities with Cybeta’s Predictive Cybersecurity Breach Data Subscriptions.

About Cybeta – A group of top-tier intelligence agency operations and technical officers incubated Cybeta with the belief that there was a better way to deliver high-impact, results-driven security solutions. By continually analyzing hackers’ global threat activity, Cybeta built tools to inform clients about their cyber weaknesses and which ones have the greatest likelihood of experiencing a successful cyber breach. By thinking like hackers, Cybeta can tell clients in real-time where the real threats are so that clients can fix those vulnerabilities before the hackers have a chance to exploit them.


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