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CAC Specialty Establishes a Leading Specialty Environmental Risk and Insurance Group

Nov 22, 2019

CAC Specialty is pleased to announce the appointment of Gregory Schilz as Executive Vice President to lead the firm’s newly-formed Environmental Practice Group, along with Senior Vice Presidents Grant Nichols and Brian Lu.

The group is a national practice focused on crafting risk management solutions for clients who own, purchase, develop, and operate properties and assets that have, or could have, pollution-related exposures.

“We are thrilled to welcome Greg, Grant and Brian to CAC Specialty,” said Paul Sparks, Chairman of CAC Specialty. “CAC hires exceptional people and empowers them to provide world-class client service. We firmly believe that specialized talent delivers the best outcomes and experience for our clients. Our investment in a premier environmental team reflects our continued commitment to bring resources that make a difference for our clients.”

Schilz joins CAC Specialty’s San Francisco office and brings over 30 years of experience as a specialty environmental broker. He has served clients on a global basis, placing over 3,000 PLL policies in his career while pioneering the use of cost-cap insurance. He is widely regarded as an environmental thought leader among private equity firms and developers who need to mitigate the risk associated with their asset purchases, divestitures, and the development of Brownfield properties.

“I am excited to join a firm that is dedicated to delivering specialized services in supporting clients for successful outcomes,” Schilz said. “The CAC platform enables us to put clients and their needs first, utilizing cutting edge products and services. We are excited to be part of an organization committed to changing the industry and re-thinking what is possible for our clients.”

Nichols is based in Miami and will focus on business development and advising many of the same developer and private equity clients he worked with as an environmental attorney. Nichols brings with him a reputation of creating out-of-the-box risk management solutions for particularly complex environmental exposures. He is also on the forefront of developing insurance policy language to match the contractual liabilities incurred by his clients with continually-developing environmental case law.

Lu is based in New York and has over 15 years of experience as an environmental expert, first in senior underwriting roles, and, for the past decade, as an environmental broker. Lu works extensively with the environmental specialty insurance markets helping to craft bespoke, cutting-edge environmental risk transfer products for complex transactions and Fortune 500 clientele. Lu has vast experience working in the energy sector, manufacturing industry and real estate field; he is a leader in devising risk solutions for large, global risks into single, consistent, and harmonious risk management programs.

Expect more announcements in the coming weeks regarding the hiring of additional key leaders at CAC Specialty and further details about the firm’s unique platform.

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