CAC Specialty’s Contingent Risk team is comprised of seasoned AmLaw 25 corporate litigators who leverage their experience, insurance expertise, and deep relationships with capital and insurance markets to create bespoke risk-transfer solutions. CAC’s contingent risk solutions are tailor-made to enhance an acquisition target’s attractiveness to prospective buyers, overcome deal-killer issues, backstop losses or protect gains in protracted litigation, and much, much more to transfer these risks to insurance markets. Though the types of contingent risk solutions available are as varied as the risks they are built to transfer, the following list helps illustrate the scope of what is possible:

  • Litigation Cap or Stop-Loss Policies
  • Judgment Preservation
  • Regulatory Adverse Action
  • Settlement Liability
  • Successor Liability
  • Enforcement/Collection Risk

Our team of former corporate litigators craft each contingent risk insurance solution to your specific situation, goals, objectives. The benefits and strategic advantages of these solutions are as nearly limitless as the kinds of risks they can transfer.

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