The growth and success of the Private Equity sector has been unparalleled, and with such success comes increased regulation, litigation and other unforeseen risks. Managing for those risks is critical to a firm’s success, and CAC Specialty provides best-in-class insurance and risk transfer solutions. The Sponsor Insurance practice is uniquely able to create a strategic and efficient approach to managing the precise risks faced by Private Equity firms.

An Everchanging Environment

An experienced broker, advocating on your behalf, is more critical than ever. Private Equity firms face increased headwinds in the insurance marketplace, with rising premium and retention rates, coupled with diminishing capacity and coverage. This trend does not appear to be decelerating in the near future, creating a difficult environment for Private Equity firms to secure broad and cost-effective insurance.

Navigating the Sponsor Insurance Risk Landscape

We thoroughly understand Insurer concerns and underwriting considerations, and how those factors impact our Private Equity clients in the insurance marketplace. Several of the factors that play into this risk landscape include but are not limited to: overall firm strategy, portfolio company sector dynamics, underlying portfolio company financial health and performance, firm fee disclosures, regulatory interactions and foreign investment dynamics. We deeply understand the specific risks faced by our Private Equity clients, and have the senior expertise, resources and market relationships to drive better results despite the current market dynamics.