Financial distress and bankruptcy create unique challenges from both corporate and personal insurance perspectives, which can result in damage to the company’s balance sheet and the personal assets of its directors and officers.

Enter CAC Specialty

CAC’s Special Situations Group is unique in the insurance industry because we are the only broker with a team of restructuring professionals who focus solely on insurance solutions for the distressed and bankruptcy community. We have worked on several hundred distressed and bankruptcy deals throughout the U.S. and internationally, and have supported 30% of the 20 largest U.S. bankruptcies in history (as determined by prepetition assets).

Through our deep restructuring experience and expertise, we are better able to protect the personal assets of the board and management, as well as the company’s balance sheet, while improving liquidity at a time when it is needed the most.

CAC’s Special Situations Group areas of impact include:

  • Protecting the personal assets of directors, officers and trustees during a time of crisis or transition
  • Obtaining D&O insurance, and runoff/tail coverage, for the lowest cost available in the market
  • Adding limits to existing D&O programs, new limits for interim management and independent directors and brand new D&O policies, each on the eve of a restructuring
  • Improving a company’s liquidity
  • Recovering excess collateral posted to insurance carriers or state agencies
  • De-risking M&A transactions and improving the value of assets
  • Implementing go-forward insurance programs to address post-restructuring/transaction issues
  • Performing risk management due diligence for purchasers or new equity to identify areas of risk, EBITDA and EV improvement