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Practice Group

Tanya Rhodes

Executive Assistant, Office Manager

Houston, TX

Tanya has dual roles in Houston: she is an Executive Assistant to the CAC Specialty Natural Resources Chairman and other Executive Vice Presidents, and she also serves as its Office Manager. Tanya’s dedication and organizational skills contribute to the day-to-day success of both business and operational functions to ensure that CAC Specialty runs smoothly.

Tanya is widely known amongst her colleagues for her valuable graphics skills. She assists in the development of marketing and collateral materials, and is responsible for creating content and graphics for proposals and presentations to both clients and prospects. She uses her business acumen to provide an analytical eye to the materials she creates, and proactively develops information relevant to client needs. Tanya also serves as the primary contact for special marketing projects and events.

Prior to joining CAC Specialty, Tanya provided administrative support at JLT Specialty as an executive assistant to several executive vice presidents and also served as Houston’s office manager. Additionally, she managed special projects and events and contributed to the creation of client proposals and presentations. With her experience as an executive assistant and track record of accomplishments in high-performing environments, Tanya skillfully balanced both administrative duties and colleague/client servicing roles to help drive revenue and deliver results.

Tanya graduated cum laude with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business from the University of Southwestern Louisiana (now University of Louisiana at Lafayette).